Forex (FX) Rebate Campaign

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Unlimited Monthly Rebates for FX Traders and spreads as low as 0.6

Campaign period: 1st June 2024 and will remain active till further notice

Why trade FX with ProsperUs?

Licensed and regulated

Licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Competitive rebates with the lowest threshold

Qualify for rebates with just USD1m notional traded volume

Tighter FX Spreads

Trade on over 50 FX pairs commission-free on the ProsperUs platform, with spreads from 0.6 pips

How to earn cash rebates?

Our cash rebates are straightforward: begin earning once you reach the minimum threshold, at of USD1 million notional traded value. As your trading volume increases, so do your rebate benefits.

Tiers FX Notional Traded Value in million (USD) Rebates per million (USD)
1 1 to 299 million $3
2 300 million and above $10


A participant who trades a total of USD9.61 million notional value in June 2024 and USD330 million notional value in August 2024 during the Campaign Period will be entitled to receive the following rebates:

Total rebate for the month of June 2024: US$3 x 9 (tier 1) = US$27
Total rebate for the month of August 2024: USD$10 x 330 (tier 2) = US$3,300

*Grand total: US$3,327

How does ProsperUs’ cash rebates compare with other FX brokers?

Majority of Forex and CFD providers in Singapore, typically require a minimum of USD10 million in notional trading value before you are eligible to start receiving rebates.

However, at ProsperUs, you can now start receiving rebates from your very first million in notional value.

Broker FX Minimum. Rebate Threshold FX Rebate Per Million
ProsperUs 1 million $3
Broker A 10 million $3
Broker B 25 million $2

Example of the rebates offered by other Brokers (as of 29 May 2024)

Currency Pair (Majors)

Minimum spread (pips)

SGD 19,999 and below
SGD 20,000 – 50,000
Hall of Fame
SGD 50,001 and above
EURUSD 0.8 0.7 0.6
USDJPY 0.8 0.7 0.6
GBPUSD 0.8 0.7 0.6
AUDUSD 0.9 0.8 0.7
USDCHF 0.9 0.8 0.7
USDCAD 0.9 0.8 0.7
NZDUSD 1.1 1.0 0.9

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How can we help you start your forex trading?

Account Opening Rewards

Unlock up to SGD140 in Cash rewards and receive an additional SGD30 Ryde Credit when you open an account and trade with us. Discover the benefits of trading with ease and earning rewards simultaneously!

Latest Market News and Economic Calendar

Stay informed and ahead of market movements with alerts on major events that can significantly impact the Forex market

Getting Started with Forex Trading

Explore some of the key concepts to get you started on your forex trading journey.

Trading Platform Tutorials

Jumpstart your trading journey with our video tutorial, designed to help you get started quickly and confidently in the world of trading.

Getting started with FX

Introduction to FX

Margin and Leverage

Technical Analysis Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FX is an unlisted Specified Investment Product (SIP). The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) requires us to assess your investment knowledge and experience through Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) before you have access to these products.

You need to have at least one of the following criteria:

  • Relevant Education Qualifications; or
  • Minimum 3 consecutive years of relevant Work Experience in the past 10 years; or
  • Traded at least 6 times in unlisted SIP in the last 3 years.

If you do not satisfy any of the above criteria, you will have to sign up for and complete the free ABS-SAS E-learning module on their portal. It offers five modules – you will have to pass the assessment of the module(s) for the product(s) that you are interested to invest in. You will need to score at least 13 out of 15 to be eligible to invest/trade.

Once you have completed and passed the module(s), proceed to the Products page in the ProsperUs portal to apply for eligibility to invest/trade.

Participants who trade Foreign Exchange (FX) using their ProsperUs Account during the Campaign Period (“Trade(s)”) will be eligible to receive trading rebates based on the monthly notional traded value (or equivalent).

Refer to Terms and Conditions for details.

Rebates earned by eligible participants during a calendar month will be credited to the eligible participants’ respective ProsperUs Account within 30 days from the last business day of the relevant calendar month.
The rebate offered under this scheme applies exclusively to Foreign Exchange (FX) trading. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that the following trading pairs are expressly excluded from eligibility for rebates: XAUUSD, XAGUSD, BTCUSD, BTCEUR, BTCJPY, ETHUSD, ETHEUR, and ETHJPY.

All capital market products contain risks and may not be suitable for everyone. Please refer to the Risk Disclosure Statement in the General Terms and Conditions of CGS International Securities Singapore Pte Ltd. (Co. Reg 198701621D) for more details.