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Trade Contract For Differences (CFD)

Campaign period: 1st September 2022 to 30th December 2022

What is Contract For Differences (CFD)?

CFDs are leveraged instruments and is a Specified Investment Product (SIP).

CFDs are available for a range of underlying assets such as shares, commodities and foreign exchange.

Allows you to speculate on the future market movements of the underlying asset, without actually owning or taking physical delivery of the underlying asset.

Features & Benefits

Flexibility to Short
You can short sell without owning the underlying stock.

CFDs are traded on margin, using leverage to maximise trading capital.

No Expiry Date of Contracts
Gives you freedom to roll over open positions.

Transparent Pricing
Same transparent pricing and liquidity as stock trading.

Ease of Trading
Through broker or our multi-featured online system.

Use CFD To Define Your Trading Edge

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