ProsperUs x SNACK

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Redeem $5,000 Free Snack Coverage when you sign up for ProsperUs

ProsperUs X SNACK

Let’s face it. Financial planning can be a daunting and difficult process. More often than not, Insurance and Investments are two important elements that should be included in anybody’s financial plan.

For these reasons, we’ve teamed up with SNACK by Income to give your SNACK Accident insurance coverage a boost, providing you a greater peace of mind while you set out to achieve your investment goals.


Exclusive Sign-up Bonus for SNACK Policyholders
We believe Health and Wealth should go hand in hand! That’s why we are giving SNACK policyholders an additional S$5,000 free SNACK Accident insurance coverage for 360 Days and S$20 cash credit when you start your investment journey with ProsperUs.

In addition, we are giving away a whopping S$25,000 SNACK Accident insurance coverage and S$500 ProsperUs cash credit to 5 new account sign ups!

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Experience Life while Investing
What’s more? Get an additional S$30 when you make your first 3 trades on ProsperUs. Get a head start on your investing goals with tokens redeemable for free trading on us!

Be part of the ProsperUs Club to enjoy curated experiences ranging from lifestyle, dining to fitness activities.*


Here’s how it works

how it works

how it works

Campaign Period: 17 June – 30 September 2021
*Terms & conditions apply.

SNACK is a mobile app that helps you to build your insurance coverage a little at a time, so you enjoy the benefits of being insured without feeling the pinch! Get free coverage as you shop with SNACKUP brands and purchase bite-sized insurance policies as you go about your daily activities. Click here for more information about SNACK.