CGS-CIMB securities launches new digital investment service In Singapore for retail investors

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  • ProsperUs is a digital investment service created by millennials for millennials empowering them to grow their wealth from their first dollar to their last.
  • Investors can now leverage CGS-CIMB’s award-winning research through curated, easy-to-understand investment insights that empower them to make investment decisions.
  • ProsperUs will attract investors considering building a long-term portfolio across competitively priced multi asset and customised products based on their risk appetites.
  • ProsperUs is set to launch in other Asian markets in the next 12 months to cater to the investment demand of millennials.

Singapore, 30 March 2021ProsperUs, a digital investment service that empowers millennials to make better investment decisions, was launched in Singapore by CGS-CIMB Securities International (“CGS-CIMB Securities” or “CGS-CIMB”), a leading integrated financial service provider in Asia. ProsperUs will leverage CGS-CIMB’s longstanding heritage, deep research intelligence, and expansive network, to offer an investment experience for millennials that is convenient and secure to grow their investment portfolios.

ProsperUs currently offers eight different asset classes across 30 exchanges, 25 markets, comprising 30,000 instruments. Investors will be able to invest actively in equities, bonds and FX or passively with exchanges traded funds. They will be able to diversify their investments with mutual funds that meet their investment objectives, and hedge risks through derivatives like Options, futures and Contracts for Differences (CFDs).

The digital investment service aims to attract 10,000 investors in the next 12 months. New customers who sign up between April to June 2021 with a minimum investment of S$1,000 stand a chance to receive between S$280 up to S$880 worth free tokens to offset their trading fees.

Carol FONG, Group CEO at CGS-CIMB, commented: “The digitalisation of brokerages is accelerating with advancements in technology and an increasingly affluent younger generation. While there is wealth of expertise in established houses, its form as it stands today may not be optimal for younger investors. Leveraging CGS-CIMB’s 40 years of industry experience in financial industry, we are best placed to provide investment opportunities across the region that may not be otherwise available. I am excited about ProsperUs and its potential to become the preferred investment platform for empowering millennials to make better investment decisions for the long term.”

Investors will also become part of the ProsperUs Club, a community of investors who will enjoy benefits such as curated stock picks, timely and relevant investment content developed by CGS-CIMB’s award-winning experts, promotions on commission fees, and even unique lifestyle experiences such as Martini Tasting, Fitness Classes and many more. Members will also have access to and participate in real-time discussions about developments in the financial markets. ProsperUs aims to create a responsible community of like-minded individuals who are dynamic, entrepreneurial, forward looking, and driven to enhance their financial lives.

SAW Ping May, ProsperUs’ Founder and CGS-CIMB’s Group Head of Strategy & Analytics, commented, “I find investment platforms today are highly commoditised. What differentiates ProsperUs is that it’s created by our team of millennials for millennials, empowering us to grow our wealth from the first to last dollar. Investors would find that our rates are among the lowest for US trades, capped at a fixed fee of US$5 a trade.  We’ve placed strong emphasis on educating our investors to raise financial literacy for the asset classes and markets that we offer.  Do check out our social media sites and website for some of these curated insights. The ProsperUs investor values the ability to build a long-term portfolio and benefit from the education we provide. We offer much more than trades. We want the ability to add resilience in growing our wealth wisely, especially amidst a crowded investment marketplace.”

CGS-CIMB is one of the top local brokerages in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia And Thailand having attained 43 awards in the AsiaMoney Brokers Poll 2020. In Singapore it is ranked #1 in terms of market share.

ProsperUs is set to launch in other Asian markets in the next 12 months. For more information on ProsperUs visit or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.