ProsperUs Young Investors Engagement

ProsperUs aims to find new ways to remain relevant to the new generation of investors. With the passion of a millennial squad, we strive to make multi-asset investing accessible and easily-understandable for young investors looking to make better investment decisions for a sustainable future. Come join us on this new journey towards a more ProsperUs future!

Who Is Eligible

  • Young Investors age between 18 – 20
  • Subjected to Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) and Client Account Review (CAR)
  • Depending on Young Investors’ Education, Professional and Online Education Qualification, it will determine which products Young Investors are qualified to trade. Product ranges from Equities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Mutual Funds
  • If you wish to open an account, you may sign up via here

Our Programme
Upon completing Digital Onboarding and CKA/CAR assessments, the Global Investment Account application approval will be processed. Following that, Young Investors can then make their first deposit and commence their investment journey with ProsperUs where they can build a long-term portfolio and benefit from the education that we provide.