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Commission Rates

Contract Denomination Rookie
SGD 19,999 and below
SGD 20,000 – 50,000
Hall of Fame
SGD 50,001 and above
Short Positions*
Overnight Financing Rate + Mark Up
HKD HKD 25/Contract
(min. HKD 0)
HKD 20/Contract
(min. HKD 0)
HKD 10/Contract
(min. HKD 0)
Prevailing Rate + 1.50%
USD USD 2/Contract
(min. USD 0)
USD 1.80/Contract
(min. USD 0)
USD 1.50/Contract
(min. USD 0)
Prevailing Rate + 1.50%
* No financing cost for covered call

Optimise your options trading with
dedicated tools across devices

Option chain
Get all the relevant
information at a glance and
in real time, so you can
trade directly from the
option chain

Strategy builder
Combine multi-legged
orders into your own
strategy or choose from a
variety of present strategies

Roll option
Act fast on market moves
with an easy options rolling
feature to extend your

Integrated risk data
Stay on top of your
positions at each step with
Greeks delta, gamma, theta,
vega, rho

Options Strategies

There are 13 options strategies available on the platform. Below are 4 strategies that are unique to ProsperUs platform. Open an account to test them out.

Options Explained

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Optimise your options trading with dedicated tools

13 Option Strategies
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