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Multi-asset applications that give you access to all major regional and global markets with just a single account.

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All the important products you need to own for your financial future.

Equities • Bonds • Mutual Funds • ETFs • Options • CFDs • FX • Futures


With a single account and user ID, you have access to all applications we offer.

Switch between them anytime. Anything you invest in one, will be reflected across all. 

You decide which experience you prefer, whenever.


Every major market to diversify your investments.

US • Hong Kong • China • Singapore • Australia • Canada • Germany • Rest of Europe • More to come


Join our journey to invest better and trade smarter.

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Uncover Now
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US Daily Investor Fuel

Catch up on overnight US market moves, and charge up for the day’s investment opportunities.

(<3 minute reads)

US Weekend Big Bites

We digest the past week’s market-moving events, and chomp on what it means for the next.

In-depth discussions on market trends and companies we like in the US.

(5-7 minute reads)

HK Weekend Dim Sum

A weekend taste of investment opportunities and trends out of Hong Kong and China.

Keep up with Asia’s largest growing economy.

(5-7 minute reads)


Educational content to increase your investment proficiency and give you confidence in your portfolio decisions. For those just starting your journey, as well as those ready to take on more risk.

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Invest Now
ProsperUs - About us


A Bit More About Us

We created this service for digitally-savvy millennials who are driven to do better in life and in personal financial management.

We believe in investing smarter and more productively, so we can spend more time enjoying the life we work hard for.

More than just another trading platform, we help you invest intentionally, with understanding and perspectives that will help you make better decisions.

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