Long-term investor or short-term trader?
Whatever your style, our customised investing dashboards provide you with
an easy-to-use interface and everything you need to know on your portfolio.

If you’re new to investing or still on your journey to learn more,
our educational insights are here to guide you on the tips and tricks needed to succeed over the long term.

Platform - Education

Looking for investing ideas?
Our Inspiration pieces provide seasoned and beginner investors alike with potential investment ideas from the US, Hong Kong and Singapore stock markets.

Being truly diversified means owning different asset classes.
Our comprehensive platform allows you instant access to stocks, bonds, funds, options, FX and futures, as well as many more.

Access to over 30 exchanges across 11 markets such as SGX, Bursa, TSE, Amex, NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE.

Adding money into your account has never been so easy. Just scan your personalised PayNow QR code to enjoy instant deposits!

Mobile Platform

  • ProsperUs’ Application: BOOST & BUILD

  • Multi-Market

  • Product Overview

  • Curated Investment Insights

  • Easy Deposit for Fund Management

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Mobile Platform
BOOST+ platform

Advanced trading platform

  • Highly customizable and versatile workspaces

  • Multi screen support up to six monitors

  • Advanced trading tools

  • Enhanced risk management tools

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