Stock with Momentum: Yoma Strategic Holdings

April 25, 2024

In today’s fast-paced stock market, understanding the subtle cues of technical analysis is key to smart investing.

In this article, we’re highlighting Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd (SGX: Z59), as its recent price movement indicates a potential bottoming out following notable buying pressure.

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd

  • Market Position: Yoma Strategic is designated as ‘Technical Buy’ with last price of S$0.044.
  • Entry Prices and Support Levels: Entry prices are suggested at S$0.044, S$0.040, and S$0.038, with support levels identified at S$0.041 and S$0.038.
  • Stop Loss and Resistance Levels: A stop loss is proposed at S$0.036 to manage risk, and resistance levels are anticipated at S$0.051 and S$0.038.
  • Target Prices: Based on technical analysis, target prices are established at S$0.051, S$0.063, S$0.075, and S$0.080.
  • Company Overview: Yoma Strategic, through its subsidiaries, develops, constructs, and sells private and residential real estate properties.

For a more detailed analysis, click on the link to access the report.

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