Go to My Account → Manage Funds → Deposit.

ProsperUs offers the following funding methods:

Funding Method Time Taken for Processing
PayNow QR Processed instantly (Recommended)
PayNow UEN Processed within the same business day for any transactions done before 5pm, Singapore Time (SGT)
FAST Processed within the same business day for any transactions done before 5pm, Singapore Time (SGT)
Telegraphic Transfer Processed within 2-3 business days

PayNow QR Guide on mobile devices

  1. To initiate a PayNow QR transaction on your mobile device, submit a funding request.
  2. Save an image of the QR code on your mobile device.
  3. After saving the QR code image, proceed to your internet banking app to start the PayNow QR code transaction.
  4. Select to upload the QR code image from your photo album/gallery in your banking app.

Note: The QR code is unique to each transaction and it expires in 5 minutes.

PayNow UEN, FAST & Telegraphic Transfer (TT) Guide

A deposit request is necessary for all types of deposits. e.g. PayNow, FAST and TT.

In the deposit request, you can find relevant information to initiate a transfer from your bank.

To facilitate your deposit, ensure the relevant information is completed and submit your deposit request in ProsperUs.

Note: ProsperUs do not accept funding from DBS PayLah!, Google Pay, and any other 3rd party applications funding.

You can fund your account with any currency. Any funding conversion is subjected to the bank’s exchange rate.

Payment Method SGD
Other Currencies (e.g. HKD, MYR & USD)#
PayNow QR 🗸
PayNow UEN 🗸
Telegraphic Transfer (TT) 🗸 🗸

#TT charges and conversion rates of different currencies will be subjected to the banks.

All withdrawal will be credited to the verified bank account(s) submitted. To initiate a withdrawal request, My Account → Manage Funds → Withdraw.

Note: Ensure that you are not withdrawing funds that are pending for settlement. Settlement of trades takes 1-2 business days.

You are required to submit a bank statement within the last 3 months displaying your bank name, personal name, and bank account number explicitly. Verification of bank accounts will take 1 business day.

To add a bank account, go to My Account → Manage Funds → Add bank account.

To initiate an inter account transfer of funds between your currency accounts, log into your ProsperUs account with your laptop and desktop only, go to BOOST, under Account > Deposits and Transfers > Sub-account Transfer.

This will be subjected to prevailing FX rates.

Not available on mobile app and iPhone mobile browser. Android phone users may enable “Desktop site” on Chrome mobile browser.

We are unable to verify your transaction and will proceed with the rejection of funds. Please note that we do not accept 3rd party funding and 3rd party application funding.

Any rejection of funds will take at least 1 month for the funds to be credited back into your originating bank account.

Do note that we do not accept any 3rd party funding and 3rd party application funding. Funds are subjected to rejection and may take at least 1 month to be credited back to your account.