S-REITs: How to identify the best ones • 16 September 2021 •

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Singapore’s REIT market is one of the largest in Asia. What makes these real estate vehicles such great investments?

We’ll take a deeper look at how to understand the various REIT sub-sectors and what to look out for when picking REITs for your portfolio.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:25 Why invest in REITs?
  • 05:25 Focus on REIT’s Key Metrics
  • 11:41 Upcoming sessions
  • 13:16 Seedly’s Ultimate Guide to Singapore REITs
  • 14:50 Panel Discussion – What do you look for when investing in REITs?
  • 22:29 Say Boon’s View – Evaluation of Office, Hospitality or Retail Sectors
  • 27:38 Sudhan’s View – How do you construct a portfolio of reits?
  • 30:30 Say Boon’s View – Do you think REITs can still do well when the FED raises interest rates?
  • 36:38 Panel Discussion – What is your favourite REIT and why?
  • 47:20 Q&A Session