Understanding Risk + Volatility in portfolios • 26 August 2021 •

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What is risk? And is volatility the same thing?

We break down some of the key questions surrounding risk and volatility, while explaining to investors how to better manage these factors within your portfolio.

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 02:57 What is risk, volatility and why are they important as a must-know?
  • 09:45 Why does smaller cap companies move more than mega cap companies?
  • 13:06 Risk curve – taking on more risk for more returns
  • 24:52 Is the technology sector more volatile than other sectors?
  • 35:11 How to balance volatile stocks with less volatile assets?
  • 37:59 ProsperUs Platform Walkthrough
  • 41:57 Q&A Session