ProsperUs SGX Market Depth Campaign

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Free Access to SGX Market Depth (Level 2) Data! Campaign extended till 31 Dec 2024

Campaign extended till 31st Dec 2024

What is SGX Market Depth?

The SGX Market Depth, also known as Level 2 Market Data, provides a detailed representation of Buy and Sell orders for a specific listed security, such as Stocks or ETFs. It displays the volume and price levels of both bid and ask orders up to 20 level, offering a comprehensive view of the market’s liquidity and potential price movements.

The SGX Market Depth operates in real time and the displayed orders undergo continuous changes from the pre-open session till market closes. The SGX Market Depth information is utilised by traders to assess supply and demand dynamics, aiding in strategic decision-making and execution of trades.


How SGX Market Depth can help in your investment?

Assess Liquidity:
Market Depth offers a comprehensive perspective on a security’s trading activity, enabling investors to gauge its liquidity.

Visualise Price Trends:
Investors can utilize Market Depth to anticipate potential price movements by analysing the quantity of pending buy and sell orders at various price levels in the order book.

Identify Trading Opportunities:
By identifying support and resistance levels at a certain point in time, investors can make informed decisions when placing orders and capitalize on price volatility, creating opportunities for strategic entry or exit.

Gain an Edge in Trading with SGX Market Depth

Check out the educational resources by SGX Academy to help you get up to speed with Market Depth!


Want to learn more? Check out the SGX guide on how to get started with Market Depth.

How to subscribe to SGX Market Depth?

You can opt-in for the free SGX Market Depth in 4 simple steps below:

  1. Login to ProsperUs Client portal> Launch Build or Boost Application> Click on Account settings on the top right-hand corner> Click Subscribe to market data.
  2. Click Subscribe on “Singapore Exchange Level 2”
  3. Select “Start Now” or “Start Next Month” and review the subscription. (You will not be charged, regardless of the fee shown in the subscription page)
  4. Click on “Subscribe”.

Alternatively, you may also visit our Starter guide for more information.

*Please be informed that you must have sufficient funds for the subscription of SGX L2 Market data. Rest assured; you will not incur the fee shown in the subscription page for SGX L2 Market data.