Stock with Momentum: Parkson Retail Asia

July 3, 2024

In today’s fast-paced stock market, understanding the subtle cues of technical analysis is key to smart investing.

In this article, we analyze Parkson Retail Asia Ltd (SGX: O9E) because its price action indicates a bullish trend that is likely to continue.

Below are some key highlights from the technical report:

Parkson Retail Asia Ltd

Market Position: Parkson Retail Asia is designated as a ‘Technical Buy’. The stock has created a pattern of higher highs and higher lows after breaking above a one-year descending wedge.

Entry Prices and Support Levels: Recommended entry points are at S$0.081, S$0.075, and S$0.068, with support levels established at S$0.074 and S$0.062.

Stop Loss and Resistance Levels: To safeguard investments, a stop loss has been advised at S$0.061. The resistance levels identified are at S$0.090 and S$0.113.

Target Prices: Target prices are set at S$0.090, S$0.100, S$0.110, and S$0.130.

Company Overview: Parkson Retail Asia is a Southeast Asia-based department store operator with stores across Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The stores offer a wide range of branded products.

For a more detailed analysis, click on the link to access the report.

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