US Market Week Ahead: Fed Decisions, Jobs Data and Major Earnings

April 29, 2024

As the new financial year unfolds, investors face a week packed with significant events that could shape market dynamics in the short to medium term. The focus will be on the Federal Reserve policy meeting, key economic data, and a slew of corporate earnings reports. Here’s a breakdown of what to watch:

Federal Reserve Policy Meeting

The spotlight will be on the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision, anticipated to be one of the week’s most pivotal events. With futures trading indicating a 97% probability of maintaining current rates, the market will be keenly analysing the Fed’s policy statement for any shifts in language that might suggest future policy directions. Given the mixed signals from recent economic indicators, the Fed’s commentary could provide crucial insights into the US’s economic outlook and the central bank’s strategy in the face of potential stagflation concerns.

US Jobs Report

Another significant event is the release of the April US jobs report. Economists expect the economy to have added 210,000 nonfarm jobs, a decrease from March but still indicative of a robust labor market. The unemployment rate is projected to remain stable at 3.8%, with average hourly earnings anticipated to rise by 0.3% month-over-month. This data will be essential for investors gauging the health of the U.S. economy and could influence the Fed’s future decisions.

Corporate Earnings

The week is also a heavy one for earnings, with major companies across various sectors scheduled to report. Highlights include:

  • Tech and Consumer Goods: Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks are among the tech and consumer giants expected to release their quarterly results. These reports will provide insights into consumer spending and supply chain recovery post-pandemic.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Energy: Pfizer and ConocoPhillips will also report earnings, offering a view into how the healthcare and energy sectors are managing current market challenges, including regulatory changes and fluctuating oil prices.
  • Financials and Services: Companies like Mastercard and Marriott International will shed light on spending trends and the recovery of the travel and services sector.

International and Market Indicators

Investors will also need to keep an eye on global economic indicators and geopolitical events, including ongoing tensions in the Middle East and macroeconomic data from major economies. These factors could impact market sentiment and cause fluctuations in commodity prices and global indices.


With a week filled with critical economic data, policy decisions, and corporate earnings, investors are advised to stay vigilant and responsive to new information. The outcomes of the Fed meeting and the jobs report, in particular, will be crucial in shaping market expectations regarding interest rates and economic health. Meanwhile, earnings reports will offer a ground-level view of corporate performance and sector trends. As always, diversification and careful analysis remain key strategies for navigating potential market volatility.

Disclaimer: ProsperUs Head of Content & Investment Lead Billy Toh doesn’t own shares of the company mentioned.


Billy Toh

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