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2307, 2021
  • Cloud computing market size

Chart of the Week: Future Remains Bright for Cloud Computing Stocks

July 23rd, 2021|

Everyone has heard of “cloud computing” and “moving data to the cloud”. For those familiar with technology, it is clearly an investing megatrend that will continue to grow in the decade ahead. There’s no doubt that Covid-19 provided a boost to the migration of workloads to the cloud. In a sign of its importance, one of the biggest companies to go public last year was cloud-focused warehousing solution provider Snowflake Inc (NYSE: SNOW). And next week, with the three

2207, 2021
  • Microsoft tech stock buy

Start Investing: Buy This Megacap Tech Stock for Just Over $500

July 22nd, 2021|

If you’re young and just starting out investing, it can seem like an intimidating landscape. There are so many stocks out there to buy. It can seem like an easy choice to spend that US$500-600 on the newest lit Gucci logo-printed t-shirt. But instead of that, why not invest in your future financial health by buying shares in one of the world’s biggest companies? That’s because any investor, no matter how young, can start their investment journey with just

2107, 2021
  • Japan stocks buy

2 Blue-Chip Japanese Stocks to Buy in Time for the Olympics

July 21st, 2021|

The Olympics are starting in Tokyo this week. Amid all the hysteria about US stocks markets hitting all-time highs, the fact remains that Japan is actually one of the world’s largest stock markets. With a total combined market cap of US$6.7 trillion, Tokyo is in the top five largest stock markets globally. For long-term investors, it makes sense to be diversified geographically when investing. This means we can avoid “home bias” or having too many of our assets in

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