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5 Golden Rules to Know Before You Invest

Have an emergency fund.

Never borrow to invest

Try to hold your stocks for a min. of 5 years

Accept that stock market volatility is normal

Don’t try to time the market

Difference between investing vs gambling

Time in the market
“Time in the market” beats “timing the market”. The probability of you losing money when you invest in stocks is drastically reduced the longer your holding period is. Stretching that period out longer, and your odds get even better. When you buy a TOTO ticket, though, that money disappears immediately and, in a sense, is a “sunk cost” as there’s no return unless you hit the jackpot.

What about your chances of winning the Singapore Pools TOTO Hong Bao Draw in February 2021? About 1 in 13.98 million. For a normal first prize, draw the odds go down to about 1 in 3.5 million.

Buying real businesses
Unfortunately, if you don’t win the TOTO, you don’t actually end up with anything to show for it. With investing, you’re gaining exposure to real businesses that are growing and, in many cases, profitable. Although it may not give you the “rush” of becoming an instant millionaire, long-term investing can help construct a stable and sustainable plan for our financial health. That’s something worth investing in.

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